Dr. Whit “Mechanic” Oliver is a father figure to the crew. Becoming grey and overweight, he fits the role. A good ol’ boy from Tennessee exuding the southern charm of a gentleman, he’s also the best field surgeon around. If you get shot up, Doc is the guy.

Expert engineer as well as Doctor, he was one of the first people brought in to develop the “hack and weld” method of in-the-field limb replacement. He’s trained in arm, leg, finger, and toe replacement. For any limb blown off in battle he could attach a robotic one in fewer than two and a half minutes.

He and Grayson Hunt don’t always see eye-to-eye. Doc often sides with Ishi Sato on issues. The years spent as a pirate don’t sit well with Doc, but as a wanted man, what other choice does he have?


Whit was part of a group of soldiers, called Dead Echo; unknowningly assassins, who defended the Confederation under General Victor Sarrano. Led by Grayson Hunt, when they assassinated a reporter named Bryce Novak and Ishi Sato read an article written by Novak on their commanding officer General Sarrano's corruption, Dead Echo figured out Sarrano was using Dead Echo to murder innocent civilians which Sarrano referred to as undesirables. In response, Grayson contaced Sarrano who admitted he lied about Dead Echo's targets. Grayson swore to kill Sarrano and destroyed the communication device and Dead Echo decided to betray Sarrano as Novak's young daughter entered the room and Ishi calmed her down before a small squad of Confederate soldiers stormed in and attacked Dead Echo. Whit and his companions were able to fight them off and rescue Novak's daughter. Afterwards, Oliver and Dead Echo fled the planet and became pirates, occasionally raiding Confederate supply lines. Ten years later, Dead Echo's spacecraft came across the Confederacy's flagship, the Ulysses orbiting the planet Stygia. Upon realizing this could be a chance to kill Sarrano, Grayson attacked the Ulysses and badly damaged the Ulysses before the flagship opened fire and disabled the front cannons of Grayson's ship. Grayson quickly crashed the ship into the Ulysses and crashlanded on Stygia. Oliver and the crew survived the crash, but Ishi was gravely injured. Oliver told Grayson he needed power cells to help Ishi and Rell noticed escape pods ejected from the Ulysses and Grayson and Rell left the wreckage to search for power cells while Oliver remained behind with Ishi. When Grayson and Rell returned with power cells from the engine of a crashed escape pod, Oliver used the power cells to repair Ishi and inserted an AI unit into Ishi's brain before a violent gang called the Skulls broke in and brutally killed Oliver.

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