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"Rule 1: Do not speak about the beta. Rule 2: Do not speak about the beta. Rule 3: Do not speak about the beta to anyone outsid ethe beta."


Bullet storm last call

Systems: Xbox 360, PC (not so much)

  • Gamertag: d0pp139an93r

I am who I am. A loner, a drifter, but also a team player. Grammar freak. Manga reader, nerd, RPGer, SHOOTERer, gamer, booster, completionist, lover of all things cheese, and so many more. All around good guy.

This wiki shall be entirely decimated and rebuilt one page at a time to the proper stature of such a wiki.

My dream? To become a bureacrat, possibly, im doing this more for the community though... and because i have nothing better to do right now as i boost Forza 3.

  • Update: Dream, accomplished. Rather easily so and before i finished Forza... 60.5% done.

Currently working on

  • Weapon skillshots, attributes, pictures, and overall coolness
  • Anarchy and Operation Anarchy
  • The history of Stygia
  • Possibly the Bulletstorm Walkthrough. Get ready for a long haul

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