the ulysses crashing

Ulysses spaceship by m wojtala-d3i6g5i

what kind of firepower the ulysses is packing

The Ulysses was a Type-A battlecruiser starship where General Sarrano's on board during the event of Bulletstorm. The Confederation's prize warbird, it is destroyed by Grayson in a drunken stupor by crashing his own ship through its center above the world of Sytgia. The ship also contained the DNA bomb to eradicate all life on Stygia to help rebuild it.

The Ulysses is revisited multiple times in the campaign and is centred as a significant part of the story and gameplay.

Some of the Ulysses crew survived the crash, but as they left the ship, they were ambushed by Burnouts, which explains why there are many bodies outside the building where the Ulysses crashed.

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