Bulletstorm slide beta

Grayson preforming a slide in an earlier version of the game.

Slide is a feature introduced in Bulletstorm. It is performed by tapping "A" (Xbox 360) or X (PS3) or left Shift (PC) twice in rapid succession. By sliding, players can avoid gunfire from enemies and with practice it can be used to maneuver around the battlefield whilst near invincible. It is also useful to get though "crouch" areas faster than having to crawl though them, especially in Echo mode.

On collision with an enemy (excluding Burnouts and Minibosses) they are displaced in the same gravity field as the leash and kick ability and can have skillshots performed on them while in this state. Some skillshots require you to slide into an enemy in order for the points to be granted, such as Bulletslide, and are very useful in others like Smart Mine.

Scan the battlefield before using the slide so that you may spot potential obstacles and threats ahead. Stopping a slide between two enemies can be rather unfortunate (as well as fatal in higher difficulties) but can also net you higher Skillpoints if you plan your moves out in advance.

This move can be used extensively in the boss fight against the Hyper-Muta maneater; the ground, being wet, allows you to slip and slide circles around the boss without being hit at all, giving you time to heal yourself if need be.