The Penetrator in Grayson's hands

The Penetrator is a weapon in Bulletstorm. It shoots a rocket-propelled drill that impales enemies and will stick them to surfaces, other enemies, or send them into the sky.

Once charged, two things can be done: the weapon can be used as a melee weapon if rammed into an enemy (sliding into two or more enemies using this method will grant the Drilldo Skillshot) or the charged drill can be controlled when inside an enemy's body by pulling the trigger while aimed something or someone else.

If you leave the body in mid-air then you may kick the body and send it hurtling towards oncoming enemies, impaling their friend onto them as well. When fighting minibosses, you can launch the drill into the stomach of the boss and then kick it even further in their belly, killing them. Another thing that you can do with minibosses is when the boss is stunned, you can go behind him and kick him, doing so will make his butt cover to fly up. If you shoot the Penetrator into that area before the cover falls down, you will get a nasty surprise instead of the usual flame like on the Fire in the Hole Skillshot.

Associated SkillshotsEdit

The following are the known Skillshots unique to the Penetrator weapon.

Skillshot Points Description
Breakdance 25 Drill an enemy into the ground with the Penetrator.
Fan-Tastic 50 Drill an enemy into the ceiling using the Penetrator.
Root Canal 50 Get a headshot with the Penetrator.
Twisted 50 Fire a drill from the Penetrator into an enemy but have him die through other means.
Mile High Club 50 Send an enemy into the sky using the Penetrator.
Air Strike 100 Impale a thumped enemy into a standing enemy with a Penetrator shot. (Easiest to use a charge shot)
Shishkebab 100 Impale two or more enemies with a single drill from the Penetrator.
Wingmen 100 Impale two or more Thumped enemies with a charged drill from the Penetrator.
Stinger 100 CHARGED: Use a charged drill from the Penetrator on an enemy, then kick him into another enemy.
Drilldo 100 CHARGED: Slide into multiple enemies while holding a charged Penetrator.



Bulletstorm Skill Shot List - Penetrator

Bulletstorm Skill Shot List - Penetrator

All Penetrator Skillshots

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