"The PMC is a standard issue military assault rifle. Its high accuracy at mid range makes this weapon a good choice for most combat situations. When charged, it fires a special purpose clip of 100 bullets in one concentrated blast, which completely obliterates multiple enemies in a single shot."

The Peacemaker Carbine (PMC) is a basic weapon the player is given at the start of the game. This is the only weapon you can't swap out — you will always have the Peacemaker Carbine with you. The PMC appears to act

The PMC in Grayson's hands

like your standard assault rifle, but actually has the ability to be charged via the R2/Right Bumper/"C" key (PC), joining 100 bullets to fire a single lance of energy, which instantly burns the target's flesh, leaving them a charred skeleton. It is unknown where the mag for the charged shot is loaded. It also was suggested that the PMC could be equipped with attachments.

When a boss/miniboss is present, pressing R after reloading will grant the player 50 ammo, until the max ammo limit.

Associated Skillshots[edit | edit source]

The following are known skillshots unique to the Peacemaker Carbine weapon.

Skillshot Points Description
Headshot 25 Kill an enemy with a shot to the head.
Bullet Kick 25 Kill an enemy with bullets after kicking him.
Bullet Slide 25 Kill an enemy with bullets after sliding into him.
Gag Reflex 50 Kill an enemy with a shot to the throat.
Rear Entry 50 Kill an enemy by shooting him in the ass.
Trip Wire 50 While an enemy is running, shoot their legs or feet to trip them, then quickly finish them off.
Mercy 100 Shoot an enemy in the balls, then shoot or kick their head off while they scream in pain.
Boned 25 Kill an enemy with a charge shot from a Peacemaker Carbine.
Overkill 50 Shoot an enemy in the head with a charged PMC.
X-Ray 100 Kill two or more enemies with a single overcharged PMC shot.

Note that most of the uncharged skillshots can be achieved with other weapons as well.

Multiplayer Skins[edit | edit source]

The Peacemaker Carbine allows players to better customize their weapon with different skins in the multiplayer that is featured in Bulletstorm. Below you can find a list of skins that you can use with the Peacemaker Carbine. The level unlocked in multiplayer is in parenthesis.

  • Elite (DLC)
  • Covert (DLC)
  • Stealth (DLC)
  • Forest Grunt (Unlocked from beginning)
  • Digital Killer (Level 6)
  • Black Soul (Level 12)
  • Red Chameleon (Level 14)
  • Pink Flamingo (Level 17)
  • Blue Chameleon (Level 22)
  • Royal Killer (Level 27)
  • Moonlight (Level 32)
  • Fanatic (Level 37)
  • Ice (Level 42)
  • Angel (Level 47)
  • Gold Digger (Level 52)
  • Demon (Level 57)
  • Phantom (Level 59)
  • Daydreamer (Level 61)
  • Low Rider (Level 63)

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The PMC may be a reference to the unfinished "Peacemaker" weapon from the original Unreal, a game also published by Epic Games.
  • Its abbreviation, PMC, also means Private Military Contractor in real life.
  • Heavy Echoes in Act 7 will use overcharged shots that are powerful enough to put Grayson at a near-death state.
  • When it's primed to charged, Grayson pulls back the cocking lever.
  • The player can't drop the PMC, unlike the other weapons; except in the unlikely instance that the player is lucky or unlucky enough to get a glitch that allows you to swap out the weapon.
  • All friendly NPC's use the PMC.
  • The PMC looks similar to the Lancer/Retro Lancer from the Gears of War series, also created by Epic Games.
  • The weapon appears to have a red dot sight with a simple ammo counter - the counter is just a bar that decreases the more you fire it - under the dot.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

PMC Concept Art

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