Nom Juice is a popular alcoholic drink in the Bulletstorm universe. Bottles of the substance can be found throughout the game to be used in order to increase your skillpoints and gain achievements/trophies.

When the player is drunk, the effects will grant the player with the Intoxicated skillshot; destroying the bottles will reward a similar amount. Shooting or drinking 20 bottles of the beverage will award you with the Straight Edge or Space Pirate achievement/trophy respectively.

Effects and appearanceEdit

The name and effect suggests it's made from the Nom Parasite and/or the poisonous Puffball plant.

When a bottle of Nom Juice is drank, the player's vision will almost instantly become fuzzy and it will be slightly harder to move in a certain direction, especially when running.


  • If you drink it the first time you come across Nom juice in the disco, Ishi will say "You disgust me." Just earlier he said that he'd kill Gray if he touched another bottle.
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