Son of a Dick!

Hekaton is a giant mythical creature. The people who settled on Stygia knew her only as a myth, but had never really witnessed her. Grayson Hunt destroys her eggs and Hekaton decides to come out and hunt him down. The beast makes multiple appearances throughout the game, and is somewhat of a boss battle near the end of the game.

In Act 1 Chapter 1, Gray and Ishi crossed a makeshift bridge made from a huge rib cage. It's possible that the said rib cage is the remains of a Hekaton. Similar bones were seen on the train in Act 1 Chapter 2.


  • Hekaton is a reference to the Greek mythological giants the Hekatonkheires.
  • Hekaton bears some minor similarities to the Riftworm from Gears of War 2.
  • While it appears that the battle with the Hekaton killed the creature, it was apparently only knocked out. It recovered, and was shown to be back up and thrashing about the city when the DNA bomb was detonated, wiping out the Hekaton and all other forms of life on the planet.
  • Its gash was sustained when Grayson and Ishi were escaping and they shot the train onto the Hekaton's head.
  • Hekaton could be a reference to gigantic movie monsters, like Godzilla.
  • Hekaton bears an interesting resemblance to a Japanese monster called Orga.
  • Its name could be possibly a joke; as in "heck a ton."
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