"Introducing the Elite Heavy Echo Squad. Born from Satan's thorny black asshole!" — General Sarrano

Final Echo

Final Echo Elite leashing a skull.

Heavy Echo is the private army of General Sarrano. They are tougher than any other "standard" enemy in the game and are the only enemies encountered in the final act of the game. They are much tougher than previous enemies, possessing military body armor and PMCs. Heavy Echo troops are the only enemies in the game with the ability to use the PMC's Annihilator charge function. Unlike Final Echo, Heavy Echo troops are not outfitted with Energy Leashes.

Trishka brags about having "designed" them and when shot, they bleed a yellow fluid. It is possible that they are not completely human, possessing synthetic qualities.


  • After Trishka separates from Grayson and Ishi she kills every Heavy Echo in her path. The bodies she leaves behind are surrounded by red blood, differing from the yellow fluid that they bleed during combat. This is most likely a developer oversight (or she just happened to kill the few soldiers not super modified).
  • You unlock the "Reptile Helmet" when you reach level 65 in multiplayer which is what Heavy Echo soldiers wear.


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