"The Head Hunter is a semi-automatic, high powered rifle built for long-range sniping. Each round contains a radio-controlled guidance device, allowing you to steer the bullet around obstacles to reach the target. A charged shot fires a guided explosive round that can be used to grab the target and then steer them into other enemies or environmental hazards before detonation."

Grayson holding the Head Hunter

The Head Hunter is a sniper rifle with controllable bullets in Bulletstorm. If a player uses the scope, they can lock onto an enemy with the shot and control where the bullet goes. Time will slow significantly once the bullet closes in on its target, allowing the player time to adjust the shot. The Head Hunter's charge shot is an explosive round. Once a target is hit, the player can move that enemy around and then detonate the charge, killing multiple enemies in the surrounding area.

Skillshots[edit | edit source]

The following are known skillshots unique to the Head Hunter weapon

Skillshot Points Description
Show Off 25 Kill an enemy from at least 10 meters away without using the Head Hunter's scope.
Broken Wings 50 Kill a Thumped enemy with a guided bullet.
Accident 50 Shoot an enemy with the Head Hunter and have him die from hitting an environmental hazard.
Bluff 50 Kill an enemy with the Head Hunter who is not the chosen target of the bullet.
Nutcracker 50 Guide a bullet into an enemy's balls using the Head Hunter.
Hotshot 100 Kill a dodging enemy with the Head Hunter by shooting them in a weak spot, such as the head or throat.
Premature 50 Explode a charged bullet from the Head Hunter to kill your target before it hits him.
Letter Bomb 50 Kill multiple enemies with a single charged Head Hunter shot.
Shrapnel 100 Explode two or more airborne enemies using a charged bullet from the Head Hunter.
Early Retirement 100 Kill an enemy controlled by the charged Head Hunter bullet before it explodes.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Creep Sniper doesn't use Head Hunter's steerable radio control bullet, obviously for gameplay balancing purposes.
  • The Head Hunter uses a revolving magazine, which explains why Grayson spins the magazine after he loads the gun.
  • Only Creep Snipers and Grayson use Head Hunter in the game.
  • The Head Hunter is similar to a weapon in Singularity named the Seeker Rifle which allows the user total control of the bullet from the second it is fired but does not require a target to lock on to.

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