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"Entirely custom-built, the Flailgun is a lethal tool that fires two high impact grenades linked by a steel chain. This flail chain wraps around a target, rendering them completely helpless. The user can then denonate the explosives whenever they like. Enemies or objects can be wrapped then kicked towards groups of enemies and detonated for mass destruction. Charging the weapon will superheat the flail chain, turning it into a razor that will slice through any enemy in its path."

The Flailgun is a weapon featured in Bulletstorm. It fires two grenades that are strung together by a chain

The Flailgun in Grayson's hands

which will detonate after a few seconds but can be activated early by a button on top of the gun. The Flailgun's alternate fire is activated by pulling a lever located on the top of it, making fire shoot out of the pipes on the gun super-heating the chain, causing the chain to cut through enemies like butter. Tying an enemy up with the flail gun and kicking them into a crowd of enemies will result in the Gang Bang and/or Homie Missile or Smart Mine skillshot. Also, firing the Flailgun at an enemy's head and detonating it gets the Grenade Gag skillshot.


The following are known skillshots unique to the Flailgun weapon

Skillshot Points Description
Grenade Gag 25 Wrap a flail around the head of and enemy and explode it
Gang Bang 25 Kill two or more enemies with a single flail explosion
Minefield 25 Kill an enemy by exploding a flail attached to the surface
Sadist 50 Wrap a flail around an enemy and kill him before it explodes
Meat Slicer 50 Slice an enemy in half while wrapping the flail around an object
Head Slicer 100 Decapitate an enemy after wrapping the flail around an object
Homie Missile 100 Kick a flail-wrapped enemy to kill another enemy
Smart Mine 100 Use a flail-wrapped enemy to kill an airborne enemy
Chain Reaction 50 CHARGED: Slice two or more enemies in half using a flail Charge Shot

French Revolution


CHARGED: Decapitate two or more enemies with a flail Charge Shot


  • The Flailgun was custom built.
  • The two grenades that are shot from the Flailgun will detonate after a certain amount of time but they can also be detonated remotely by a button on the top of the Flailgun's grip.
  • If fired at the feet of an enemy, it will trip them.
  • The Flailgun can be fired at Trishka and other friendly NPCs except for Rell and Whit, they will say something.
  • The gun is primed to charge when the lever on top of it is pulled.




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