Final Echo Elite

"Final Echo.... Elite." — Grayson Hunt

"Final Echo, born from Satan's own thorny black asshole! — Sarrano

Final Echo was created to find Dead Echo after they went rogue upon learning the truth about General Sarrano. They are very skilled soldiers and are known to use energy leashes. Trishka Novak is a member of Final Echo when she is first encountered, but after learning the truth about her father and Sarrano she teams up with Grayson. Aside from Trishka and the Final Echo that Grayson looted the Energy Leash off of, no other Final Echos are encountered alive in Bulletstorm.

It is possible that there are other living Final Echos, as there is no definitive proof that all were killed during Operation Anarchy and the crash landing of the Ulysses.

In Anarchy mode, the players are prospective Final Echo members during Operation Anarchy.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Grayson gets his leash from a dead Final Echo Elite that was killed when a truck rolled and exploded on top of him. Before the explosion, however, the soldier was handling the situation quite well.
  • In the campaign, the helmet of the lone Final Echo has blue lights on the forehead. While the helmets on the dead Final Echos around the Ulysses and the Automation helmet from multiplayer have red lights on the forehead. This is (likely) due to the fact that the Final Echo soldier found at the start is a special member, like Trishka Novak, but without their own personal Character Model. The Echos in and around the Ulysses are normal troopers which lack a Leash showing the other soliders must have been just foot soldiers, and not part of Trishka's Team.

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