Grayson Hunt Using Leash

Grayson Hunt using his leash.

The Energy Leash is a whip-like energy rope used as a leash which can pull enemies towards Grayson Hunt and causes them to travel in slow motion for a limited amount of time. The Energy Leash is capable of two "attacks". The first is a simple grab-and-pull attack, and the second is the Thumper.

The Thumper is an attack in which Grayson grabs an enemy and flicks his wrist up and then down. When he flicks his wrist up, a ball of energy follows the invisible control line of his hand; when his wrist goes down, an area of effect explosion happens. This explosion throws enemies and miscellaneous objects (such as guns and barrels) into the air, and puts them in a sort of stasis field for 10 seconds.


In Anarchy multiplayer, players can get a variety of leash colours from DLCs and the Demo:

Quicksilver - Online Pass

Emerald - Play and beat the Xbox 360 demo

Crimson - Play and beat the PS3 demo

Gold - Buy the Limited or Epic edition

Pulp - Download the Gun Sonata DLC

Flamingo - Download the Gun Sonata DLC

Royal - Download the Blood Symphony DLC

Obsidian - Download the Blood Symphony DLC


  • The Energy Leash is an "instinct moderated weapon" which are apparently illegal to use.
  • The Leash cybernetically links to its user, and attaching it can be a painful process.
  • Energy Leashes have built in radios, flashlights and databases that keep track of Skillshots.
  • Grayson obtains his Leash from a fallen Final Echo Soldier.
  • When Gen. Victor Sarrano used his leash on Ishi, he was able to control him, presumably through the cybernetics embedded in Ishi's brain.
  • The Energy Leash's effect is similar to both the Grapple Beam from Metroid Prime 3 and the Stasis Module from Dead Space.
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