Dropkits are military supply boxes that are scattered throughout Stygia. They were originally used by Final Echo candidates during Operation Anarchy. To access and use a dropkit, one must attach the Energy Leash to it, which will upload a Skillshot database to allow the user to use skillshots and gain skillpoints for their kills. The dropkit also shows Player Statistics from the Leash's records of kills, skillshots, and other various stats.


The Dropshop is a shopping program that allows the user to access the dropkit's contents by using their skillpoints. One can resupply by buying ammunition for their guns, unlock "re-arm access" for weapons (allowing the player to reequip the weapon at any future dropkit), and upgrade ammo capacity, charge shots, and Leash functionality.

Skillshots DatabaseEdit

The Skillshots Mainframe lists each Skillshot that has been unlocked and how many points they're worth. If the Skillshot hasn't been unlocked, the Mainframe will give a description of it.

Player StatisticsEdit

Grades users on their combat skills.

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