Destroyer of Worlds
Ach-destroyer of worlds

Cause major destruction


15 Gamerscore

Trophy type


"Destroyer of Worlds" is an achievement in Bulletstorm. It is unlocked after you have shot down the large globe to smash through the barricade before the 15 second timer is up in The Only Way Through.


  • Description "Cause major destruction"
  • Xbox 360 Achievement worth 15 Gamerscore
  • PlayStation 3 Bronze Trophy


In The Only Way Through, right after Ishi threatens Trishka when she tries to escape. You'll go to the bottom of the street and there will be a barricade blocking your way. At this point, Trishka will say she will give you 15 seconds to figure out how to get past the barricade. You'll see a timer appear on the screen, so go up the street and look at the top of the buildings on the right side to see a large globe. Shoot it down to clear the way, and this will cause the achievement to pop a few seconds later.

Video GuideEdit

Bulletstorm - Destroyer of Worlds Achievement Trophy Guide (HD)

Bulletstorm - Destroyer of Worlds Achievement Trophy Guide (HD)