Clifford Bleszinski (born February 12, 1975), also known with his nicknames CliffyB and Dude Huge, is the


design director for the game development company Epic Games in Cary, North Carolina. He is most famous for his continuing hand in the development of the Unreal franchise, especially 1999's Unreal Tournament, and the Gears of War franchise. He cites Shigeru Miyamoto as his biggest influence.[1] In 2008, Epic Games finished the production on Gears of War 2.

Bleszinski recently revealed on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon that Epic Games has been working on Gears of War 3, which is due for release Fall 2011.

One of his brothers is Tyler Bleszinski, a sports blogger who founded Athletics Nation.

On his website, Bleszinski often shares his thoughts and feelings on the world, American culture, gaming, and life in general. He is occasionally cited for his charitable nature like helping fans get jobs in the industry. Bleszinski also lists his interests on his page, citing Donnie Darko and 21 Grams amongst his favorite films, with Choke and Stupid White Men as some of his favorite books.[2]

Bleszinski's first game was The Palace of Deceit: Dragon's Plight, a 1991 pixel-hunting adventure game for Windows. He is also known for the games Dare to Dream and Jazz Jackrabbit. In 2006, he served as lead game designer on the game Gears of War for the Xbox 360. Bleszinski will be an executive producer on the upcoming Gears of War movie.

Despite the extensive amount of weapons that Bleszinski incorporates into each of his games, he had no experience with a machine gun prior to a guest spot on The Jace Hall Show.[3]

According to Bleszinski's MySpace page and his website, he lives in Raleigh, North Carolina.[4]

The nickname "CliffyB" was given to him derogatorily by "some jock kid" as a shy teenager, which he then took and developed a tougher persona around.[5] In 2008, he expressed a desire to retire the CliffyB moniker, saying it's "time to grow up a bit".[6]