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The Chaingun is a weapon featured in Bulletstorm. It fires high caliber rounds, as it is able to tear through body parts. It also has a substantially high fire rate to compensate for its low accuracy, and runs on battery power when detached from a power source.

The player can choose to use the gun mounted or rip it off its mount and carry it until the battery is depleted. Grayson cannot carry the Chaingun on his back, so if he changes weapons he will drop it. The Chaingun is the best firearm to get the Full Throttle with, in which the player kills two or more enemies without letting go of the trigger.


  • When the Chaingun was originally shown in the E3 trailer, it had unlimited ammo. To compensate, the Minigun easily overheated. The newer version present in Bulletstorm still possesses unlimited ammo, and still overheats. However, the Chaingun now runs on a battery, limiting its usefulness.
  • The battery will drain while you have the gun equipped, regardless if it is being fired or not. However, if the player drops the Chaingun it will no longer drain. This can be taken advantage of to conserve "ammo" and wait for the next wave of enemies to spawn before picking it back up.
  • The Chaingun is known for easily getting head shots at far range.
  • The Chaingun is the only weapon without an alternate fire.
  • The Chaingun is extremely useful for taking down hordes of enemies, mostly because of its high rate of fire.
  • Twice during the full game, Grayson can use a Chaingun with an unlimited amount of energy.
  • The Chaingun is not, in fact, a chaingun. Chainguns, by definition, only have a single barrel.
  • The Chaingun is used by Mini-Bosses at multiple times in the game.
  • In a weapon trailer for Bulletstorm, Cliff Blezenski says that the Chaingun "is a extension of Grayson's penis."