Burnouts are fully mutated humans that have poisonous pus sores on their bodies, which are their only weak spots. In order to kill them, you must target the poisonous pus sores or use the environment. Some Burnouts have these sores on their asses. Burnouts give away their position by howling or making low growling sounds, but some times they can be more stealthy so paying attention to the surroundings is important.


Burnouts are first seen in Act 3, Chapter 1, in the crumbling tunnel, when the player has to press RMB. There, Gray shouted:"What was that?!".

Only two types of Burnout so far found in the game. Burnouts of both varieties seem impervious to the displacement field caused by the kick and slide attacks, however leash attacks do cause a displacement field.

  • Common Burnouts. They come in different sizes from large to medium to small. Burnout weakspots are always in different areas. Some skillshots achievable are:
Assplosion: (50 points) A shot to the glowing weakspot on the Burnout's ass. Kick them down and use the screamer to make this much easier.
Steady Hand: Gain a kill on a burnout by ONLY shooting its weak glowing spots. This can definitely be done with the PMC, Head Hunter, Screamer and Penetrator. It is the easiest with the Headhunter, as you can guide the bullet to the weak spot. Strangely, a charging Burnout will stand still and face you when you shoot him with the Headhunter.
  • Muta-Burnout. Only encountered three times in the game, and fought three times. They cannot be killed by any weapons and will be stunned if shot by a charged shot from any weapon or shooting with a Boneduster will knock it back. Can only be killed by environmental hazards. When stunned, they are to be kicked into the said environmental hazards. They are said to be made entirely of dead tissue and have no life sign readings according to Ishi Sato.


  • Like the Creeps, the Burnouts are actually the tourists that did not escape after the fighting broke out and Topsiders (non-convicts) who were mutated after seeking refuge underground in prison compounds close to the toxic waste dumps, as stated by Gen. Sarrano.
  • Burnouts are very vulnerable to explosives and fire, a nearby "Barrel" explosion will kill them instantly.



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