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Burnouts are fully mutated humans that were once tourists of Stygia. Their minds are almost completely taken over by animal instincts therefore rendering them uncommunicative and aggressive towards any other beings that are not Burnouts.


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Burnouts appear as tall, muscular humanoids, lacking any hair and lacking any gender identifier. They still have some bits of their former clothes, their eyes are completely black and their noses are hard to spot. They also come in several sizes from Huge to Small which tells that small Burnouts were in fact once children. Their jaws are strong and can seriously wound or even kill an opponent.

Mutation also caused formation of explosives abscesses on some parts of their bodies and if damaged they'll explode killing the host in process. While attacking they slam their opponents with enormous strength or bite them. Sounds they make consist of howls and roars.

Grayson Hunt and Trishka Novak got a chance to visit one of the Burnout Feeding Grounds that seemingly were once sewer system of Stygia. Those new Feeding Grounds are littered with human corpses. By the time they came here most of the Burnouts were absent, seemingly gone on the hunt. Burnouts are very vulnerable to fire and exposure to it may even incapacitate them.

Muta-Burnouts or Hyper Mutated Burnouts are result of far-reaching mutations. They have malformed and charred appearance. They don't have any remnants of clothes on them due to their size and their eyes glow dimly yellow. It seems that such prolonged mutations caused necrosis of entire tissue of their bodies.


Such necrosis also rendered them completely immune to any sort of damage caused by weapons and in order to die, they must be fully obliterated. Any sort of powerful attack will discombobulate them for a short time, and in that time Protagonist must kick them into any sort of lethal environmental hazard that will fully obliterate them. One of such exemplars made a comic appearance in Burnouts Feeding Grounds where it fell into a pool of chemicals due to being stunned because of

pipes that fell on its head when it crashed the ceiling where the said pipes were.

Burnouts are seen mostly on remote territories and make several appearances during the game.

Burnouts seem to be fully wiped out by the explosion of DNA Bomb in the end of the game.

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