Vandalism here on the Bulletstorm Wiki is defined as any edits made in a deliberate attempt to lower the quality of the wiki. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Replacing the text of an article or a section of an article with blank text.
  • Uploading inappropriate images, or replacing existing images with inappropriate images.
  • Adding nonsense, obscenities, or bad jokes, including pictures that are not for this site and for the whole wikia to existing articles.
  • Creating new articles which are entirely off-topic nonsense.
  • Moving a page to a new, nonsensical title.
  • Adding external links to pages for the purpose of advertising. (This is a form of spam, sometimes called "linkspam" or "spamdalism".)

An editor who vandalises the wiki may be blocked from making further edits, according to Bulletstorm Wiki:Blocking policy. For more information on vandalism please ask the administrators of this site.

Report a vandalEdit

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Status User Date Comment Duration Sysop note
Year [[Special:Contributions/|]]
([[User:|user]] • [[User talk:|talk]] • block log)
2013-01-01 2013 CE
 Dr. F  (Talk)
365 days Been a while
(usertalkblock log)
2011-06-07 8 edits all vandalism
 Dr. F  (Talk)
8 weeks curiously homophobic vandalism
 Dr. F  (Talk)
(usertalkblock log)
Forever be bored somewhere else
Uncle Walt
(usertalkblock log)
2011-03-26 So childish
5 Weeks as reported
 Dr. F  (Talk)
(usertalkblock log)
1 month
The Walternate
Blocked [[Special:Contributions/Example|Example]]
([[User:Example|user]] • [[User talk:Example|talk]] • "`UNIQ60d603f53ac84940-nowiki-00000000-QINU`"'_&type=block block log)
2011-03-23 haha...vandalism
1 week cretin level vandalism
 Dr. F  (Talk)
Month [[Special:Contributions/|]]
([[User:|user]] • [[User talk:|talk]] • block log)
2011-03-01 March of 2011
31 days
Year [[Special:Contributions/|]]
([[User:|user]] • [[User talk:|talk]] • block log)
2011-01-01 2011 CE
365 days

by LobStoR

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