"Bounce into oblivion!" —Grayson Hunt
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The Bouncer bouncing some skulls

The Bouncer is a portable cannonball launcher originally used for mining. The launcher fires a high explosive cannonball that can rip enemies apart with a single shot.

The Bouncer's primary fire, activated by tapping the trigger, launches one ball that explodes on impact with any surface. Holding the trigger allows for the player to detonate the ball when he or she chooses, allowing the player to bounce the ball into hard to reach areas. The charged fire launches a ball bounces repeatedly, exploding with each impact. The charged ball can be kicked or leashed into enemies.


The following are known skillshots unique to the Bouncer weapon.

Skillshot Points Description
Direct Hit 25 Kill an enemy with a direct hit from the cannonball
Money Shot 25 Kill an enemy by launching a cannonball at them and exploding it before it hits anything
Boom 50 Kill two or more enemies with one cannonball
Carpet Bombing 50 Bounce a cannonball at least two times before killing an enemy with it
Bully 50 Detonate a cannonball to kill an enemy just after knocking them over with it
Trickshot 50 Kill an enemy with a cannonball bounced off a wall or obstacle
Lucky Shot 100 Kill an enemy with a cannonball that travelled over 100 meters without bouncing
Meat Fountain 100 Kill two or more airboune enemies with one cannon ball
Kick of Doom 50 CHARGED: Kill an enemy by kicking a cannonball
Sledgehammer 100 CHARGED: Kill three or more enemies with one charged cannonball


  • The Bouncer has the same name as a weapon from the Ratchet & Clank series and both weapons have similar functionalities.


Bulletstorm Skill Shot List - Bouncer

Bulletstorm Skill Shot List - Bouncer

All Bouncer Skillshots

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