"Dusted!" —Grayson Hunt

The Boneduster in Grayson Hunt's hands

"The Boneduster is a custom-built quad-barreled shotgun. That's right: four barels for quadruple the fun. At medium range, it will send enemies flying. Up close, it's more than capable of tearing enemies in half. Use the Boneduster's charge shot to fire a burst of super-heated air that can vaporize the flesh from multiple targets in a single shot."

The Boneduster is a weapon featured in Bulletstorm and is first found in the level Worst Family Fun Vacation Ever.

It is a four-barreled shotgun that shoots extremely powerful compressed-air shells, which will push your target away from you. This allows the player to then interact with the environment or completely rip the enemy in two.

When charged, the Boneduster will send out a shockwave which is so powerful it can cut through cover. At far range, the Boneduster does little to no damage.[1]

Skull Shotgunners also use Bonedusters and are quite dangerous. They are easily identified by their size, and buffalo skull masks.

Skillshots[edit | edit source]

The following are known skillshots unique to the Bonduster weapon

Skillshot Points Description
Topless 25 Blast away the top half of an enemy using the Boneduster.
Legless 25 Blow the legs off an enemy using the Boneduster.
Splatterpunk 50 Kill a downed enemy by blasting him against the floor with the Boneduster.
Pump Action 50 Get an enemy airborne then blast him into an environmental hazard with the Boneduster.
Torpedo 50 Kill an enemy with the Boneduster while sliding.
Piledriver 100 Use the Boneduster to smash an airborne enemy into a surface to kill them.
Juggler 100 Blast an airborne enemy at least twice with the Boneduster then kill him before or on landing.
Slugfest 50 Kill two or more enemies in one standard shot with the Boneduster.
Burn 25 Kill two or more enemies in one charged shot with the Boneduster.
Acid Rain 50 Vaporize two or more airborne enemies with a charged Boneduster.

Note: many of these skillshots will be granted alongside environmental 'shots, as the Boneduster pushes people around easily

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It is hinted in this video [2] that the inspiration for the Boneduster may have been from Cliff Blezinski's desire to include a shotgun-esque weapon in the original Unreal that was never completed. The weapon was named the Quad Shot and had four barrels, like the Boneduster.
  • When it's primed to charge, Grayson cocks the gun, unlike using normal mode. It is unknown how it is charged this way.
  • When charged, the shockwave can kill a Miniboss in one hit, granting you the Bossed skillshot. This one hit kill only applies when dealing with the Chaingun-wielding Miniboss, or after knocking off the armor of the other two varieties.

Video[edit | edit source]

thumb|left|300px|All Boneduster Skillshots

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