One of the Skulls' Banshees

The Banshee is a large troop-transport helicopter that can be found in Bulletstorm.

The Skull piloted aircraft has a mounted chaingun on the side and rockets. The ones found on Stygia are usually in rough shape but are strong enough to resist being brought down by a Maneater's tongue, at least for a short while. There is a time in the campaign that you will be able to shoot the chaingun from the Banshee as Trishka pilots but this is a very limited on-rails shooting section.


  • The Banshee could've been originally used for medical purposes, such as transporting medics, medical equipment etc, hence the red cross on it. From the look of the nose of the Banshee when Gray was using the chaingun inside, the skulls modified the Banshee and added a chaingun.


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